Where Can I Buy “Evening in Paris” Perfume?

Evening in Paris was a popular French fragrance originally released in 1928. Though the company behind the perfume continued releasing the scent for several decades, it discontinued the line in the 1960s. Those looking for Evening in Paris can find sealed and unsealed bottles of the perfume on auction sites and through specialty perfume shops.

According to the website basenotes, Evening in Paris was a perfume created by Ernest Beaux. The perfume came in a cobalt blue bottle, which Jean Helleu designed. Bourjois, which was a company operating out of France, wanted to find a way to reach American shoppers in the early 1920s. According to the website Now Smell This, the perfume reached the United States in 1929. Bourjois sold the bottles for as little as $1 in Woolworth and other inexpensive retailers. Though the company discontinued the product in 1969, it later brought back a similar scent in 1991. While the new fragrance isn’t as popular as the original, it is available through perfume shops and department stores. The original bottles, brochures and advertising materials are now popular with collectors and fans of the original scent. They can find original bottles at eBay, specialty perfume shops and on collectibles websites.