Where Can You Buy Droste Dutch Cocoa Powder?

Droste cocoa powder products are available through some retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, and online distributors. The prices for the powder fluctuate according to each distributor and how many units are purchased.

Wal-Mart has wholesale Droste cocoa powder packages for sale. A buyer must purchase a minimum of 12 boxes of cocoa powder to place an order. Since the chocolate is imported from Holland, there are not many American distributors that deal in selling smaller units.

International Delicacies is an American company that specializes in specific hard-to-obtain imports. It also deals in wholesale prices. The cocoa powder is available in a 12-pack case. International Delicacies also has other Droste imports available to be purchased, such as:

  • Hazelnut Pastille
  • XXL Cookie Pastille
  • XXL Almond Pastille
  • XXL Peanut Pastille
  • Milk & Orange Pastille rolls
  • Milk & White Pastille rolls

The Dutch Village is another Droste chocolate importer. Although it mainly deals in chocolate pastilles, which are small circular pieces of chocolate, cocoa powder can also be ordered. Some of the Droste products available for sale through the Dutch Village website may only be seasonal items and a prospective buyer should contact the company to ensure the chocolate is in stock. The Dutch Village is located in Holland, Michigan.