Where Can You Buy Dole Salad Dressing?

Dole salad products are available for purchase at Kroger locations throughout the United States. However, the company’s salad dressings are not available for individual purchase. Customers must buy a Dole salad kit to receive dressing.

Dole produces a variety of salad kits, including the Chopped Sunflower Crunch Kit, the Spinach Cherry Almond Bleu Kit and the Chopped BBQ Ranch Kit. Salads that Dole offers separately from the kits include Classic Romaine, Butter Bliss and Very Veggie. Dole also manufactures its own type of coleslaw.

Dole provides a list of different salad ingredients on its website Dolesalads.com under the Dressing 101 tab. Ingredients included in Dole salad dressings include cheese, pickles and citrus juice.