Where Can I Buy Borax in the UK?

Borax is no longer available to the general UK public and has been classified by the ECHA as a “Reprotoxic Category 2”. However, it is still available for commercial and scientific use. Despite this, there are a few UK websites still advertising this product online in domestic quantities.

Specific websites in the UK where a consumer can purchase borax include Intralabs.co.uk and Mistralni.co.uk. The term borax refers to a set of closely related minerals and chemical compounds. Borax has a mixed reputation for food and cosmetic purposes, and several countries have banned it completely for these purposes in the past decade. Borax’s chemical name is sodium tetraborate decahydrate, and it is best known in popular culture as a laundry booster. It is a naturally occurring result of volcanic activity and its component compounds are also found in fruit. Borax has a proven track record as a cleaning agent, nd it is odorless, non-flammable and can be mixed with many other cleaning agents to increase their effectiveness. It also can be used in metallurgy, as an anti-corrosive agent, for flea and tick control in pets and livestock, to soften hard water and as a means to control weeds and insects. Recommendations that borax be marketed as an insecticide or ingested as a way to prevent calcium loss may have contributed to the investigation of borax as a possible health hazard. Borax has been classified as such in recent years in both the EU and UK, though it continues to be available for commercial use due to its versatility in commercial products and its flexibility as a tool in the arsenal of science for investigation and discovery.