How Can I Build a Lighthouse for a School Project?

druvo/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To build a lighthouse for a school project, gather basic building materials including beads, scraps of balsa wood, acrylic paints, a craft knife, some paint brushes and glue. Construct the structure from balsa wood and decorate it with paint.

  1. Shape the building blocks

    Cut three squares of balsa wood and use them to make the base for the lighthouse. Stand two of the squares vertically and place the third square horizontally on top of the other two. Cut a cylinder of an appropriate length from the balsa wood to make the tower. Use the knife to carve a small hole on the top of the tower to make room for beads to serve as the light-beam.

  2. Paint the parts

    Color all parts of the structure using an appropriate color scheme. Be sure to apply the acrylic paints in an even tone and shade. To get an authentic touch, use grey paint to color your lighthouse. Place the parts in sunlight to dry.

  3. Assemble the lighthouse

    Ensure that all the parts have dried before you fix them together. Put the base and the tower together using glue. If the glue fails to stay put, use fine nails to hammer the pieces together. Similarly, glue the beads into place in the carved hollow on top of the tower. Apply pressure on the glued parts for some time to help them remain attached.