Can the Bug Spray Raid Kill Fruit Flies or Any Type of Flies?

Raid offers three bug sprays formulated to kill both regular flies and fruit flies: Raid Flying Insect Killer, Raid Multi Insect Killer 7 and Raid Max Bug Barrier. These products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Raid Flying Insect Killer is designed to kill various types of flying insects. This product should be sprayed into the air at a minimum of three feet away from surfaces.. Raid’s Multi Insect Killer is designed to kill both flying and crawling insects. When using this product, shake it well and be sure to keep the canister as upright as possible while spraying. Raid Max Bug Barrier is designed to kill both flies and other insects. This product is available in various sizes and is refillable. This product should be used a maximum of once per week and may be sprayed along floorboards, and window and door frames.