How Can You Get a Free Blood Pressure Monitor?

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Free blood pressure monitors are available online from the American Heart Association, as well as through applications available in the iTunes app store, and in some chain drugstores. These blood pressure monitors should not replace regular monitoring by a physician.

The American Heart Association offers two free ways to monitor blood pressure at home: a printable blood pressure tracker and the Heart360 Online Tracker. Both of these are available online at The American Heart Association stresses that these are intended to supplement, not replace, regular monitoring from a physician.

As of 2015, monitors available at no charge through the iTunes app store include the Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite by Taconic System, and the Smart Blood Pressure BP Tracker by Evolve Medical Systems. The Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite offers several features, such as scrollable charts, warnings when blood pressure exceeds the healthy range, and a configurable input page. The Smart Blood Pressure BP Tracker features the ability to record, track, analyze and share blood pressure information using Apple products, such as an iPhone or iPad. Both of these apps are designed to supplement regular monitoring from a physician.

Although some chain drugstores offer free blood pressure monitors, the Mayo Clinic advises that not all free blood pressure monitors are accurate. Accuracy is only achieved when a monitor is maintained and recalibrated, and the free devices in retail outlets may not be serviced regularly, making the results questionable. To insure the most accurate blood pressure reading and monitoring, a patient must consult with a physician.