Can You Block Incoming Calls on a Verizon Wireless Cell Phone?

Verizon Wireless customers can temporarily block a caller by using Verizon’s free Call & Message Blocking feature, which lets customers block up to five phone numbers. To permanently block a number requires the FamilyBase service, which has a monthly fee.

Accessing either of these services requires the Verizon Wireless account owner to log on to his online account and manually add the numbers to be blocked. The Call & Message Blocking feature only blocks numbers for 90 days; however, the block can be manually reapplied to continue blocking a number. In contrast, the FamilyBase service permanently blocks up to 20 contacts, unless you remove the number from the blocked number list. In addition to blocking phone numbers and text messages, the FamilyBase service allows customers to block email addresses, screen names and more.

In addition to Verizon’s tools, most recent Android and Apple iOS 7 or 8 devices have the capability to block unwanted calls through software settings on the phone. The steps taken depend on the device, but tutorials for most phone models can be found online. Another easy to use solution for blocking calls is to use a dedicated call-blocking app, which typically offers more advanced features and options.