How Can I Get Better Reception on My FM Radio?

Tara Moore/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Getting better reception for an FM radio involves turning off other electronic devices that interfere with the radio’s single, placing the radio in an area where it gets good reception or using the radio’s antenna to its full potential. If the radio lacks an antenna, one is easily made using a piece of wire, such as a coat hanger.

Nearly all electronic devices interfere with the reception of FM radios. This includes computers, cable boxes, video game systems, CD players, microwaves and halogen lights. It is nearly impossible to completely remove all electronic interference, but removing it as much as possible helps improve the reception.

It is also important to remember that the overall location of the FM radio affects the reception. When a signal has to travel through steel, brick or concrete, it becomes weaker. This is why it is generally recommended that FM radios be put by windows so that the signal does not have to travel through as much material to get to the radio. For best results, place the radio in a window that is facing the location of the radio tower. If the radio tower is located in the west, place the radio in a window that faces west. The location of radio towers are typically listed online.