Where Can You Find Athletic Works Brand Clothing?

As of April 2015, Athletic Works brand clothing is only found through third-party resale sites such as Amazon.com, eBay and Swap.com. Formerly one of Wal-Mart’s exclusive brands, it was discontinued in 2010 and is no longer sold in stores or through the retailer’s website.

Listings for Athletic Works clothing on Amazon.com are created by businesses using the Amazon Marketplace program, which allows companies to list and sell products through the site. These businesses are not affiliated with Amazon.com, though the items are eligible for the company’s satisfaction guarantee policy. Since the supply for these items doesn’t come from a manufacturer, there is no guarantee of availability on any item such as gloves, hats or workout shirts.

Athletic Works clothing sold on eBay is also sourced by businesses and private sellers who obtain the clothing from sources other than a manufacturer. Since eBay doesn’t place any restrictions on the condition of items sold through the site, buyers need to thoroughly read each description to find out whether or not the clothing is used. Most sellers include the condition of the item in the description along with pictures that depict any flaws or issues. In some cases, the seller does not include this information, so the buyer may wish to contact the seller to obtain additional details before purchasing.