What Can I Do With an Associate of Science Degree?

An Associate of Science degree can open doors into careers in fields such as nursing, software engineering, cyber security and digital media. Examples of job positions possible with an Associate of Science degree include cardiovascular technician, mechanical engineering technician, web developer and diagnostic medical sonographer.

The job of a cardiovascular technician involves operating imaging technology to assist doctors in diagnosing and treating problems related to the heart and blood vessels. Similarly, a diagnostic medical sonographer operates machinery that sends sound waves through a patient’s body to produce images doctors can use to diagnose a wide range of conditions.

Although many people associate engineering jobs with higher-level degrees, it is possible to get involved in the field as a mechanical engineering technician with just an associate-level degree. This position involves testing, designing and manufacturing various consumer products and types of industrial machinery. Meanwhile, Associate of Science graduates with a creative eye may enjoy the position of a web developer, which requires them to design and modify Web pages for clients.

Colleges offer Associate of Science degrees in a wide range of fields, such as biology, kinesiology, criminal justice, psychology and physics. The job opportunities available after obtaining an Associate of Science degree depend, in part, on the subject of the degree.