Where Can the Answers to Pearson Text Book Questions Be Found?

Answers to self-study questions in Pearson textbooks may be found in student editions at the ends of chapters or the ends of the books. However, answers to many tests and other homework questions are only given in instructor editions, not in student editions.

Pearson, a major educational publisher, offers both electronic and print textbooks. These texts usually include self-study or practice questions with answer keys and also tests and homework assignments. For self-study or practice questions, answer keys in student editions can be found at the ends of chapters or the end of the textbook.

Answers to homework assignments and tests are generally not included in student editions to prevent cheating. Instead, after students complete tests or homework assignments, instructors grade the work and review the answers in class. For an adaptive learning online Pearson test, the software reveals the correct answers and reviews information after the student completes the test.