Where Can You Find Answers for Maths Mate?

Answers for Math Mate problems are available in the teacher resource CDs and books accompanying the student’s math books. In addition, Math Mate’s Skill Builder series contain answers to problems found in the Skill Builder books. Many of these products are available in both hard copy and downloadable formats.

Hard copies of the books are available at the Math Mate website. Math Mate’s color-coded student books contain tear-out exercise worksheets, the answers to which are found in the teacher guides accompanying the books. The publisher sells the teacher resources separately from the student books; the teacher books are color-coordinated to the corresponding student texts. Math Mate’s Teacher Resource CD contains teacher material and answers for all regular student books.

The Skill Builder books contain not only exercise answers, but also a math glossary and Math Facts section to general answers to basic problems concerning math vocabulary and symbols.

The regular student books and Skill Builder books are downloadable from the website. On the Downloads page, each book divides into sections that can be downloaded individually and include separate answer pages. Answer sections show the corresponding chapter numbers and titles, section numbers and problem pages within the books. File are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat to view.