How Can I Annoy My Neighbors Legally?

Several ways to legally annoy a neighbor are mowing the lawn at odd hours, facing sprinklers toward the neighbor’s lawn, parking close to their driveway and shining a bright light onto their house. Legally annoying a neighbor must never be harmful and should never destroy property.

The first step to legally annoying neighbors is to find more information about them. Learn their habits. Take note of their schedules. It is important to know what times they are home, and when they are sleeping.

Mowing the lawn in the early hours when they are asleep is both annoying and perfectly legal. Use a leaf blower directed at their house even if there are no leaves on the lawn. If there are leaves on the lawn, blow them into the neighbor’s yard. Set up a sprinkler or sprinkler system to hit the neighbor’s car or yard. If the neighbor has lawn ornaments or wind chimes, direct the sprinkler towards them.

Parking a car near a neighbor’s driveway is only legal if the car is not passed over the curb cut. A curb cut is where the curb begins to slope down toward the street or gutter. By parking close, but not over the curb cut the car is legally parked. Driveways marked with short red curb markings are only enforceable if the city painted them.