Can You Adopt Twins?

Leanne Temme/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Yes, it is possible to adopt twins. According to the Independent Adoption Center, an open adoption agency in the United States, adopting two children at the same time is possible if a family talks to a birth mother who has twins.

The Independent Adoption Center reports that sometimes adoptive parents want to adopt two children from two different birth mothers at the same time. However, this usually results in the birth mothers backing out of the adoption and the adoptive parents becoming frustrated. Therefore, the adoption center has created the policy that adoptive parents are only allowed to adopt children from one birth mother at a time.

In most cases, a prospective adoptive parent must meet an age requirement, explains Independent Adoption Center. Although some states allow a prospective parent to adopt at the age of 18, some states require a prospective adoptive parent to turn 21 before beginning the adoption process. To adopt twins, the adoptive parent must not be in the process of adopting another child or children.

Some adoption agencies charge no more for a twin adoption than the agency charges for a single-birth adoption, explains Lifetime Adoption. If the prospective parents live outside of the United States, the parents must meet additional requirements to complete an international adoption, including fulfilling the requirements of the Hague Convention laws on international child abduction.

If someone wishing to adopt twins has a disability, the person must prove to the adoption agency that his disability does not prohibit him from effectively raising children, according to Independent Adoption Center. To adopt twins, a person must also show that he weighed the pros and cons of adopting twins and that he has appropriate goals for the adoption and subsequent parenting. When ready to begin the process, the prospective parent contacts the adoption agency and begins the necessary paperwork to express interest in adoption.