How Can I Adjust Nelson Sprinkler Heads?

Adjusting a Nelson sprinkler head is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. To adjust your Nelson sprinkler head, you need access to the sprinkler itself and the area where you want to redirect the spray.

  1. Remove and turn sprinkler disk

    Examine your sprinkler head. You should see a click-set disk near the nozzle. Remove this disk with your hand, and then turn the sprinkler manually. Continue to adjust it this way until the nozzle is centered on the new area you want the sprinkler to spray.

  2. Replace the click-set disk

    Using your hand, put the click-set disk back onto the sprinkler head. This makes sure that it sprays with the same consistency as it had before. The collars of the click-set disk can be adjusted so that the angle of the spray changes.

  3. Adjust the memory ring if necessary

    Check if your sprinkler has been turned past the regular set pattern. If so, the memory ring around the sprinkler head may have moved away from its original position and popped out of place. To fix this, simply remove the disk, and rotate the memory ring. Eventually, you should hear a clicking sound as the tab locks the ring into place.