How Can You Add More Email Addresses on Your Charter Account?

To add more email addresses on your Charter account, sign into the account with the Head of Household username, go to the My Account – Settings section and click Add User. Provide the necessary information to add a username or email address to the Charter account.

Only the Charter username identified as Head of Household or one that has Administrator permissions can add an email address to the account. The Charter username also acts as the email address, and is written as “”. Therefore, making changes to the username changes the email address.

The username that the Head of Household adds must have between six and 40 characters. The only non-alphanumeric characters allowed are a dash, underscore and a dot. The username cannot begin or end with a symbol, and no two symbols should appear next to one another.

The Head of Household must also create a password when adding an email address to the Charter account. The password must have between eight and 20 characters. It can contain alphanumeric characters, and must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number. The password can use all symbols except quotes and a back slash symbol. The Head of Household must ensure the password does not match the username, and does not have common phrases, such as password or default.