How Can You Access the Belk Associate Portal Online?

Access the Belk associate portal by navigating to the MY Belk website, as of December 2015. MY Belk has associate links for benefit and compensation information, 401(k) information and Belk company information, among other items of interest.

The left sidebar of MY Belk has links to MY Benefits, MY Company, MY News, MY Partners and MY Tools. Clicking on Belk Benefits brings you to a screen requiring a user identification and password. The user identification is the four-digit store number and the two-letter state abbreviation where your store is located. The password hint is available next to the login box.

Clicking on HRonline directs you to a login page requiring a user identification and password for access. HRonline is not compatible with any version of Windows above Windows 8.

Under MY Company, the site lists links for Associate Recognition, Associate Referral Program and Diversity Initiative. None of these links require login information. The Associate Recognition link provides information about the Service Awards Program, Pinnacle Awards and the Award of Excellence.

A link to the Excel Program on the right side of MY Belk encourages Belk associates to report concerns to Belk management about waste, business abuse, theft or dishonesty. Associates can submit reports online or by calling the provided telephone number.