What Is “Call Me Flory?”

“Call Me Flory” is a play written by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. Guerrero was the first Filipino playwright to have a theater named after him in his lifetime, and he received three national prizes for his work. Guerrero’s plays have been translated into many languages and performed around the world.

The story takes place in San Lorenzo village in the Phillipines. “Flory” is Florencia Aragain de Caracoles, a woman who was raised in the slums but becomes rich after marrying a wealthy man who does business with the Japanese. Marrying into money turns Flory into a boastful, arrogant person who tries to bury her past.

Matilde, also rich but humbled and heavily involved in charity work, invites Flory to participate in a charity program for the impoverished people from the area where Flory grew up. Matilde’s embroider, Osange, was Flory’s neighbor as a child, so Matilde is aware of Flory’s less glamorous past.

Flory accepts the invitation with an ulterior motive; she intends to use the opportunity to meet well-known rich and influential personalities. Unfortunately for her, Flory’s past catches up to her as she puts her dishonest plan into action. The message of the story is to never forget where you came from.