What Is California Code Title 22 About?

California Code of Regulations Title 22 addresses state requirements regarding Social Security within the state. Regulations cover definitions and rules broken into 14 divisions encompassing the Employment Development Department, the Department of Rehabilitation, child and adult care services and more. The state Office of Administrative Law reviews all CCR items, approves modifications and makes them available to the public on behalf of the state agencies involved.

The California Code of Regulations is a compilation of all state regulations under a single rubric. The California Code of Regulations replaced the California Administrative Code in 1988. Title regulations under the code include rules and regulations regarding Education, Motor Vehicles, and Crime Prevention and Corrections. Within Title 22, 14 divisions of the code encompass those relating to Social Security. Regulations under Title 22 apply to a wide array of agencies and services provided or licensed by the state.

For example, Title 22 Regulations of the California Code contain rules concerning community care facilities in the state. Childcare and residential care facilities fall under the purview of the Community Care Licensing Division and must follow these regulations. Facilities for children, the chronically ill and the elderly, along with foster homes and social rehabilitation facilities, look to Title 22 for licensing and operating regulations. Operating rules for each type of facility include staffing requirements, staff-resident ratios and resident rights.