How Do You Calculate Relative Oxygen Consumption?

To measure relative oxygen consumption, convert the subject’s body weight into kilograms, multiply body weight by oxygen consumption, and divide by 1,000 to convert the number to liters. Liters is the standard unit of measurement for oxygen consumption.

  1. Convert the subject’s body weight into kilograms

    Divide the subject’s body weight in pounds by 2.2.

  2. Multiply body weight by oxygen consumption

    To arrive at oxygen consumption for running speeds of 5 miles per hour or more, multiply the speed in minutes by 0.2 ml/kg/min per meters/min, which is oxygen cost when running, and add 3.5 ml/kg/min, which is the oxygen cost at rest. Multiply this number by body weight in kilograms.

  3. Convert to liters

    Divide by 1,000, or simply move the decimal point three places to the left.