Which Cakes Are Made by the Melting Method?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 26, 2020 5:09:17 AM ET

Gingerbread cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake and brownies can all be made using the melting method in baking. Generally, the melting method is used in baking to create heavier, moist cakes. Cakes made with the melting method tend to have a stickier consistency than traditional cakes.

Cakes made using the melting method often contain heavier ingredients such as ground nuts. Generally, cakes made with the melting method benefit from resting for a day before serving to help with cutting and to help the cake retain moisture.

Many cake recipes call for creaming fat and sugar together and then adding eggs. In contrast, the melting method uses a technique in which the fat and sugar are heated gently until they melt together. Once the fat and sugar are melted, they are removed from heat and cooled. Once the mixture cools completely, eggs and dry ingredients, such as flour, are added.

Cakes made with the melting method do not rise as much as traditionally made cakes. However, adding baking soda to the cake batter can help it rise. Cakes made using a melting method may require more time to cook and should be monitored frequently. Cakes that brown on top should be covered with foil so they can cook completely without burning.