What Does the “C” Stand for in Roman Numerals?

In Roman numerals, “C” stands for the number 100. This is based on the Latin word “centrum,” which means “100.” As of 2014, Roman numerals are still occasionally used, such as seen in the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

The Romans used certain letters to represent numbers. In addition to “C,”the Roman numerals are:

  • I: 1
  • V: 5
  • X: 10
  • L: 50
  • D: 500
  • M: 1,000

Additional numbers can be created by addition and subtraction. When several of the same number was written in a row, the group was added together. For example, XX is 10+10, which is 20. If a smaller number was before a larger one, then the number was subtracted. For example, IX is 10-1, which equals 9.