How Do You Buy Dragon Skin Body Armor?

To buy Dragon Skin body armor, contact the North American Development Group through the Contact page on, as of 2015. NADG sells Dragon Skin body armor to law enforcement officers, military personnel, defense contractors, medical personnel and private security firm employees. If you aren’t in any of those professions, you must contact the company with your profession. NADG then decides whether or not to sell you the body armor, based on that profession.

To get contact information for NADG, visit the homepage and click Contact. The Contact page provides the company’s physical address and email address, along with a form to fill out to send a message to the company.

NADG lists products, including Dragon Skin body armor, and available product options online. While the company’s online store is a demo store that doesn’t allow actual orders, you’re able to go through the product customization process to determine the features you want with your Dragon Skin order.

NADG designs the Dragon Skin body armor for protection from rifle rounds. For civilians, it offers vests designed to protect the wearer from handgun rounds and blades.

Dragon Skin body armor has circular, overlapping discs, inspiring the armor’s name. Although the armor was successful in several tests, it failed certain tests performed by the U.S. military. Pinnacle Armor, not NADG, produced Dragon Skin body armor at the time of these tests.