Which Businesses Accept EyeMed Vision Care Insurance?

There are over 65,000 providers in the United States that accept EyeMed Vision Insurance, as of 2015. This includes Target Optical, LensCrafters, JCPenney Optical and Sears Optical. Coverage varies by area, so patients can find specific local providers by using the provider search tool on the EyeMed website.

EyeMed Vision has four different networks, Access, Insight, Select and Advantage, and not all EyeMed providers are a part of every network. It is important for patients to call the eye doctor to verify coverage and insurance acceptance before making an appointment for an eye exam.

Current EyeMed members can log into their accounts to search for providers who accept their specific plan. In addition to searching by location, the provider search tool allows users to specify hours of operation, brands, services and products. Members can also download the free EyeMed app to locate providers, check their accounts and complete other tasks.

As of March 2015, there are over 36 million EyeMed members, and the company has a large provider network that includes independent offices and numerous national chains. Members can access their accounts online 24 hours a day, and live-agent customer service is also available by phone 102 hours each week.