How Do You Find a Business by Address?

To find a business by address, select the Business search tool on or, and enter the address. Alternately, enter a business name or keyword to find the associated address.

Yellow Pages allows users to search specifically for businesses. To find a business by address, enter the address, including the city and state, into the location field on the front page. To initiate a search, you must also fill in a keyword or business name. The search results display any businesses matching the address and name or keyword that was entered, as well as similar businesses in the same area. Yellow Pages users may also browse for businesses in a given region by selecting a business type, a city or a district. combines Yellow Pages and White Pages services. To search for a business by address, select the Address search option, and enter the address into the search field. If the address exists in the United States or Canada, the website returns the business name associated with the address, as well as a map showing its location. To search specifically for a business, select the Business search option, and enter an address or general area, along with a business name or keyword.