What Are Burger King Onion Rings Made From?

The main ingredients of Burger King onion rings as of January 2015 are: water, bleached wheat flour, dehydrated onion, modified corn starch and yellow corn flour. The onion rings also contain sugar, gelatinized wheat starch and less than 2 percent of a number of other ingredients, such as salt and fructose.

Burger King onion rings are fried and share a fryer with other Burger King products, such as the Fish Fillet, Crispy Chicken Nuggets and Pork Sausage. They are also cooked in oil that contains corn, canola, soy and or/cottonseed oils. Some of the ingredients contained in the onion rings are wheat and milk-based, so customers that maintain vegan or gluten-free diets should avoid them.

Burger King onion rings are high in calories and sodium. A value serving of onion rings (a serving of 43 grams) contains 150 calories and 400 milligrams of sodium. A large portion (a serving of 142 grams) contains 500 calories and 1300 milligrams of sodium.

The onion rings are a Burger King Value Menu item, which means they can be purchased for one dollar in many locations. Burger King also provides sauces for the onion rings, such as BBQ, Buffalo, Zesty, Honey Mustard and Ranch. The onion rings can also be purchased as a combination item with a burger or sandwich and a drink in lieu of french fries.