How Do You Build Stairs With Pavers?

In order to build stairs with pavers, mark out and dig out the area for the stairs, create risers with bricks and crushed stones and mortar in place the paver steps. For large areas that include flat pathways, consider using an excavator rather than shovel to clear and tamp down the area.

To build outdoor steps with stone pavers and bricks:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Start by measuring the area and determining how many steps are required. Do this by dividing the slope’s length by a riser height of 4 to 8 inches. Tie off the area with string, marking where each step should go. Use a level to ensure the steps are even up the slope.

  3. Dig the steps
  4. Create the form for the steps by digging the outline and tamping down the dirt. Dig a trench around the front of the steps, twice the width of the bricks and 6 inches deep.

  5. Lay the risers and steps
  6. Fill the footing trench with 4 inches of crushed stone and top with concrete. Lay the bricks into the concrete to create the risers. Fill the risers with more crushed stone, and then add 1/2-inch of mortar to the top. Place the stone pavers on top of the mortar, and fill in all of the remaining gaps with mortar.