How Do You Build Matchstick Models?


To make matchstick models, gather your materials. Then, plan your model. Glue matchsticks together in sections, and then assemble the final product.

  1. Gather your materials

    To build matchstick models, you need a small 1-inch paintbrush, a pair of pointed pliers, a flexible knife set, a small square, two small G-clamps, a set of small files, scissors, pencils, side cutters, a straight edge ruler, a cutting board and a matchstick cutter. You should also have a small sponge in a bowl of water and a towel to clean the glue from your hands. Bags of 10,000 matchsticks can be bought in craft stores. The matchsticks used for modelling do not have combustible heads. You also need glue and paperboard.

  2. Plan your model

    You may either get a kit or design your model yourself. A kit has assembly instructions, so it is better for beginners. If you design a matchstick model, measure out the size of each specific part of the model.

  3. Glue the matchsticks

    Use the small paintbrush to apply glue to the matchsticks to attach them to each other. Use paperboard to hold the matchsticks together while the glue dries. Allow the glue to dry for four to five hours. Make small sections of the model at a time. Cut, sand and file the matchsticks down to make different shapes. Soak the matchsticks in water for 24 hours to make them bendable.

  4. Assemble the sections

    Glue all the small sections of matchstick together to make the final model. Remember to be patient as matchstick modelling can take a very long time.