How Do You Build a Dam on a Small Creek?

To build a dam on a small creek, dig two trenches about 4 feet apart, anchor down logs in the trenches, create a mesh bottom and cover the entire area with soil, brush, stones and rocks. This type of dam aerates the water, which prolongs the time until the water freezes.

To build a digger dam in a small creek:

  1. Dig the trenches
  2. Dig two trenches about 4-feet apart, across the full width of the stream and about 4-feet into both of the banks. Use reinforcing rods to anchor two logs into the downstream trench and one long into the upstream trench.

  3. Add top logs
  4. Anchor only the ends of smaller logs on top of the two downstream logs, leaving a 1- to 2-foot gap between the logs. Attach a 2-inch mesh wire to the logs and stream bottom.

  5. Create the bottom
  6. Use brush and stones to cover the mesh bottom, and then use rocks and soil to cover and anchor in place the log ends located on the banks. Notch out the center of the downstream logs to allow the stream water to pass through. Cover the remaining exposed mesh by anchoring an 8-inch wide hoard across the sill logs, and then use additional spikes to secure down the top logs.