Why Does My Browser Keep Closing?

Browsers may keep closing for a range of reasons, including not being updated, having problematic extensions or add-ons or conflicts with other software installed on the device. Another cause of browser crashes is the presence of malware on the device.

Each type of browser may have different elements that cause it to close or crash. Most browsers have online support pages that advise users on how to diagnose and remedy the cause of the closure or crash.

For example, Mozilla, the company that created the Firefox browser, has an extensive support page on browser closures. If someone using a Firefox browser is having trouble with it unexpectedly closing, the support literature advises the user to start the browser in safe mode, uninstall and reinstall the browser or select a new home page. An additional tip is to restart the entire computer in safe mode. Mozilla also includes a list of software that can clash with Firefox and cause it to crash.

Other browsers also have support information online to help users ascertain why their browsers are closing. Often, when a browser closes unexpectedly, it generates a crash report. If the crash report has a number assigned to it, the user can take this number to a support forum and get advice from other people who also use that browser.