How Do You Get a Brother Printer Back Online?

Reboot the printer, and manually uncheck the offline option in the printer settings to bring a Brother printer back online. You need a Windows computer with Internet access and a Brother printer to get started.

  1. Reboot the printer

    Turn off the printer, and wait for 10 seconds. Turn on the printer, and wait for it to finish booting.

  2. Check for network connectivity

    Check the connection between the computer and the printer. Look for a green light on the network status indicator. A green light indicates the printer has a connection with the computer.

  3. Manage the printer device

    Log in to your computer account, and click the Start button. Next, click Devices and Printers. Type “Devices and Printers” in the search field if you do not see the link.

  4. Review the printer function

    Right-click your printer from the list, and select See What’s Happening. Wait for the print spooler window to open.

  5. Adjust the settings

    Click Printer in the spooler window. Select Use Printer Offline to remove the check mark. Wait a few seconds for the printer to come back online. Close the spooler window and any other open windows on your desktop. Print a document to check the status of your printer.