Why Do Broken Bones Hurt When It Rains?

Rebecca Drobis/Blend Images/Getty Images

WebMD explains that the leading theory behind experiencing joint and bone pain before rain has to do with changes in barometric pressure. Described as the weight of the atmosphere around everything, barometic pressure drops before rain occurs, allowing for the expansion of tissues. This can cause increased pressure on a broken bone or joint, and this change in pressure can lead to the feeling of pain.

Because there is no scientific evidence as to why pain occurs in the bones and joints of some people before bad weather sets in, the conjecture concerning the influence of barometric pressure on joint and bone pain is unsubstantiated, according to WebMD. Pain related to weather changes can be relieved by increasing pain medications before rain begins if the pain worsens considerably.

WebMD recommends preventing weather-related swelling and pain by staying active to prevent the tissues from swelling, staying warm with added clothing and by wearing skin-hugging clothing that can help to prevent fluid from gathering in the body by compressing the surrounding tissues. In many people, the body is able to adjust easily to changes in barometric pressure, making the pain experienced in a broken bone due to bad weather a short-lived phenomenon.