What Are the Brightstar Remote Codes?

Popular Brightstar brand remote control codes include Sony with 605, Vizio with 927, 011, 013 and 014, and LG with 619, 910 and 700. There are different remote codes depending on the model of the remote control as well as the brand and type of television with which the remote is used.

The website BudgetRemote.com includes the manual and remote control activation codes for various Brightstar remote control models. These scanned manuals are available for free in PDF format to allow for saving and printing.

There are various codes depending on what type of television with which the remote control is being used, as well as the model of remote that has been purchased. Some brands, such as Supreme, only have one code. Other brands, such as Magnavox and Zenith, have upwards of 25 codes. These codes are entered one at a time in order to find the correct code that enables the remote control to work with the television.

The website CleanRemote.com has a selection of uploaded manuals for Brightstar brand remote controls as well. These manuals go with the remotes endorsed by the website. This company guarantees a remote control that is resistant to stains and sticky material.