What Is a Brief Biography of Leslie Sansone?

Leslie Sansone was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, on Feb. 14, 1962. In 1980, 18-year-old Leslie took a weekend certification course to become an aerobic instructor to help pay for college. While in college, Leslie attended lectures by Dr. Kenneth Cooper and was certified by The Cooper Organization.

Shortly after Leslie Sansone became certified to teach aerobics, she started a few classes in the basement of a Pennsylvania church. Leslie realized that the fast pace of aerobics was not for everyone and that some people were even intimidated by it. As a result, Leslie developed a program that incorporated various walking paces to reach a bigger demographic. Leslie incorporated a walking class in her basement classes that a friend videotaped and shared, opening the door to a television and home-based fitness program.

As of 2015, Leslie Sansone has released many walking-based programs, books and DVDs. Each plan is adjustable to any person of any age or fitness level. In 2013, Leslie earned eight different health and fitness certifications, including a certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine. Leslie contributes to many organizations that focus on disease prevention, including the American Heart Association. She is also an advocate for teaching children to live an active life.