How Do You Break a Waste Management Contract?

Contracts for waste management and other services can only be broken legally by actions such as failure to fulfill agreed upon terms, fraud, mistakes or material breaches, claims Canceling contracts for services that are no longer needed is tricky, reports KSL TV.

Failure to perform actions specifically agreed upon in the contract is a valid reason for cancellation, states, and if the waste management company did not carry out its duties as promised after being paid, it has broken the contract. If the company refuses to pick up garbage at a location, this is considered a breach of contract, and the other party has a valid claim for cancellation. Material breaches are taken seriously by courts because money is involved. However, an immaterial breach is not considered a reason to break a contract. For instance, if the waste management company shows up on different days than what is stated in the contract, this is not a serious breach.

Grossly unfair contract terms give one party an opportunity to break free of a contract, according to Rocket Lawyer. Gross unfairness is determined by one party acting in a shocking manner, which is obvious to the court. For example, the waste management company sharply raises its prices without warning, but service deteriorates.