What Are Some Brands of Prepared Mustard?

Some of the most popular brands of prepared mustard are Heinz, Plochman’s, Gulden’s, French’s and Colman’s. The term “prepared mustard” usually refers to yellow mustard.

Prepared mustard is a product made from coarsely ground or powdered mustard combined with vinegar, white wine, turmeric and sugar. This type of mustard is used as a seasoning or condiment, and it comes in different flavors according to the type of mustard seeds used during the preparation process. The company that introduced yellow mustard at the World’s Fair in St, Louis in 1904 was French’s. Today, this is still the most popular brand of mustard in the U.S.

Heinz mustard has been available in grocery stores since the beginning of the 20th century, and it contains several ingredients such as paprika, salt, white distilled vinegar and mustard bran. Plochman’s Mustard is calorie-free, and it includes onion powder and other spices besides the usual ingredients. Gulden’s is a well-known manufacturer of brown mustard, but it produces yellow mustard as well. Colman’s is a popular brand of English mustard manufactured in Norfolk, United Kingdom, and it is imported in the United States. Most brands of prepared mustard are available in both tubs and jars of different sizes to suit all needs.