What Brands of Orange Juice Are Fortified With Sterols?

Minute Maid and Corowise are two brands that provide specialty orange juice products fortified with sterols. These options are available under healthy heart brands to encourage good nutritional habits in customers.

Plant sterols are natural fatty nutrients found in plants. While they’re similar in composition to cholesterol, they have none of its negative effects and many different health benefits.

A diet rich in plant sterols results in a natural decrease in the amount of cholesterol in the body. LDL, which is the most harmful type of cholesterol, was especially positively affected by the appearance of sterols in the body, and LDL levels drop when sterols are present. Sterols don’t hinder the function of other cholesterol-lowering supplements, making them an excellent supplement to many treatment systems.

Sterols also improve prostate function by reducing prostate size and the frequency of urination. Sterols help improve urinary flow and reduce the appearance of numerous problems in the prostate. Additionally, a healthy diet of sterols can improve general immune system functions, and introducing more sterols into the body’s system supercharges the activity of immune cells. The sterols can also inhibit the general response that chronic diseases and inflammation cause, helping users fight off a variety of problems.