What Are Some Brands of Non-Chlorine Bleach?

Chlorox makes a brand of non-chlorine bleach called Greenworks. Seventh Generation is also a popular chlorine free bleach. Earth’s Best, Bio Kleen, Grab Green, Charlie’s Soap and Ecover are some other brands that manufacture non-chlorine bleach. Oxi Clean, though technically not a bleach, is another popular bleach substitute.

The active ingredient in most non-chlorine bleaches is oxygen. According to the Chlorox company, the primary difference between chlorine and non-chlorine bleach is that chlorine is a disinfectant. Non-chlorine bleaches, therefore, are not disinfectants. This is crucial when using bleach as a household cleaner to sterilize areas where bacteria commonly breeds, such as kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, non-chlorine bleaches in which oxygen is the active ingredient are safe for use on colored clothing, whereas chlorine bleach can only be used on white clothing.

Because chlorine produces gases that are harmful to the ozone layer, and due to the increasing push for environmentally friendly “green” products, the popularity of non-chlorine bleach is on the rise as of 2014, and many more companies are now manufacturing it than previously. In addition to natural and organic supermarkets, non-chlorine bleach can be found alongside chlorine bleach in most major supermarkets and popular web-based shopping sites.