What Are Brands of Gum That Won’t Stick to Dentures?

Malcolm garret/Pexels

Individuals who wear dentures may not be able to chew every brand of gum on the market, but there are several brands that won’t stick to dental work. The best-known brand is Freedent, but Epic Dental Gum and some sugar-free options are also acceptable. This is good news for those who like to chew gum for pleasure and want to enjoy the other benefits of chewing gum.


Freedent has been a popular brand among denture wearers since its introduction in 1975. It’s still the go-to gum for denture-wearers and the only brand directly marketed as one that doesn’t stick to most dental work. Although it does contain sugar, this gum uses a base that makes it less sticky. It comes in two mint flavors and went through a reformulation that made the flavor last longer.

Epic Dental Gum

The active ingredient in Epic Dental Gum is xylitol, a natural sweetener derived from plants that helps prevent cavities. Its antimicrobial properties fight the bacteria that cause cavities, and chewing it increases saliva production to help strengthen teeth. Users mention that it doesn’t stick to dental work, making it an option for denture wearers.


Anecdotal reports from users suggest that Trident gum does not stick to dental work, even though the company does not advertise this feature. It is sugar-free, however, and dentists who advocate gum chewing recommend sugar-free gum for patients who wear dentures. Some users suggest that certain flavors are less likely to stick to dentures than others, so finding the right gum may require some trial and error.

Benefits of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum offers two important benefits for denture wearers. First, it provides a way to practice chewing and biting when they’re adjusting to the feel of their dentures. It also freshens breath and increases saliva production in the mouth, which strengthens teeth. Some ingredients used in sugar-free gum, like xylitol and sorbitol, help fight cavity-causing bacteria that can damage the natural teeth still remaining in the mouth.

Tips for Chewing Gum with Dentures

Unless the label specifically states that the gum is safe for dental work, denture-wearers take a chance when chewing gum. It helps to know what other characteristics to look for in a gum. The first is a soft texture because this type of gum is less likely to stick to surfaces than more firm formulas. The next is a neutral color that is less likely to stain the dentures. Another option is to use an adhesive to keep the dentures in place while chewing.

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Dentures

There’s always a chance the chewing gum will stick to dentures. If this happens, scrape away as much of the gum as possible, but avoid using sharp objects like knives to do this. Then, soak the dentures in warm vinegar to dissolve the remaining residue. Some people recommend heating the dentures with a hairdryer to soften the gum, but this can be risky. The heat can damage the dentures and lead to costly repairs.