What Brands of Generators Are Available at Costco?

Costco sells several brands of generators, including Cummings, Generac, Honeywell and Champion. Their online selection is sometimes more extensive than what is available in the store.

Cummings manufactures backup power generators. Permanently installed generators provide several advantages over portable units during a power failure. They begin operation automatically, eliminating the need to hook up the unit in the dark. The units start periodically to ensure they are in operating condition when emergencies occur.

Generac permanent home generators connect to the home’s existing natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas supply, ensuring they have fuel when the power is out. Their portable units operate on gasoline, but with the addition of a manual transfer switch can provide safe emergency power so food stays safe, lighting is available and owners have the capacity of connecting with the outside world.

Honeywell manufactures both permanent and portable generators. Their backup generators are available in many sizes to ensure smooth operation of a home or business when the power is out. Their portable units provide electricity for camping and construction projects.

Champion provides portable generators ranging from 2,000-watt power inverters to 9,500-watt generators. They provide the power owners require for work, play or home use. Devices are available with a pull, electric or remote start.