What Are Some Brands of Crackers for Diabetics?

Kellogg’s, Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco, World Table and Trader Joe’s offer crackers that are suitable for diabetics, according to Diabetic Living. Archer Farms and Crunchmaster are other brands with crackers for diabetics.

All of these brands produce crackers that, per serving, have 200 calories or less, 5 grams of total fat or less, fewer than 3 grams of saturated fat, and 0 grams of trans fat, explains Diabetic Living. In order to be included on this list, each serving of the crackers must contain 25 grams or less of carbohydrates, 250 or fewer milligrams of sodium, and at least 1 gram of fiber per 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Kellogg’s offers Special K sour cream and onion cracker chips with 110 calories per 27 crackers, reports Diabetic Living. Nabisco Wheat Thins offer a comparable 130 calories per 20 crackers. Neither of these contain any cholesterol. Pepperidge Farm boasts crispy Baked Naturals crackers with 4 grams of sugar per serving and 130 calories. One serving is 27 crackers.

Market Pantry offers woven wheat crackers with reduced fat, featuring 23 grams of carbohydrates per eight crackers, 130 calories and 0 grams of sugar, states Diabetic Living. With the same serving size, Trader Joe’s offers reduced-guilt woven wheat crackers that contain 3 grams of protein and no sugar, saturated fat or cholesterol.