What Are the Best Brands of Car Batteries?

Henk Badenhorst/E+/Getty Images

The best brands of car batteries include ACDelco, DieHard, Optima, Duralast, Kirkland Signature and EverStart, according to CarsDirect. The batteries listed are highly rated and include both premium brands and brands for the budget-conscious consumer.

ACDelco batteries must pass vigorous quality tests and are considered one of the best brands, according to CarsDirect. They are designed to hold a charge for many years and include corrosion-free terminals and large reservoirs. The battery includes a limited warranty that replaces a faulty battery free of charge, within the time frame, explains CarsDirect. The ACDelco line of batteries includes the ACDelco Professional Gold, Professional Silver, Advantage Battery, Voyager Battery and Heavy-Duty Battery.

Other premium brand batteries include Optima and DieHard batteries, states CarsDirect. These batteries demand a higher price than economic brand batteries, because they tend to last a long time. The Optima has been noted to outlast some vehicles, states CarsDirect. Both batteries are available at Sears.

Brands for the budget-conscious consumer include the Duralast, Kirkland Signature and EverStart, notes CarsDirect. The Duralast batteries are manufactured by the same company as DieHard. They have a large reserve, match the Duralast in performance and can be found at AutoZone stores, according to CarsDirect. The Kirkland Signature battery has performance and amp ratings that match many premium brands. This brand is only available at Costco. EverStart batteries have excellent performance ratings; these batteries are great for extreme weather conditions and are available at Walmart, states CarsDirect.