Do the Bradford Exchange Collector Plates Have Any Value?

The majority of Bradford Exchange collector plates have limited value on the secondary collector’s market. Individuals wishing to see current resale prices of Bradford Exchange plates can visit sites such as Atoncer or eBay. There is no official price guide for older plates made by the company, so vintage plate listings may not reflect true market value.

In the early 1990s, a lawsuit was brought against Bradford Exchange by a customer concerning secondary market plate sales. Documents from the suit revealed that Bradford officials claimed most plates sold by the exchange increase in value overtime. Evidence produced showed that out of 200 Edwin M. Knowles branded plates, only 25 percent sold for more than the original purchase price. A key factor that determines the value of any collectible item is scarcity. The documents also revealed that Bradford plate edition sizes, at that time, ranged from 8,500 to 113,000 in quantity. The large number of plates available on the secondary market means that many sellers may find it difficult to get more than what they paid.

Many people enjoy collecting Bradford Exchange plates, especially when it comes to choosing collectible and limited edition plates for the home. However, buyers are advised not to assume that these plates rise in value.