What Are Some Bowling Nicknames?

Bowling nicknames usually come from either the style of play that a bowler has, such as “Lefty,” or from some personality quirk, such as “Spike.” In most cases, there is a creative reason or story behind the nickname.

Some of the more famous professional bowling nicknames include “Wrongfoot” Loui Campi, who got his nickname because he ended on his right foot, which was the incorrect foot for a right-handed bowler. Hall of Famer Earl Anthony was nicknamed “The Doomsday Striking Machine” for his ability to consistently roll strikes, dooming his opponent. Not all nicknames have to do with bowling style, however. Don Carter earned the nickname “Bosco” for his love of the drink of the same name.

Several professional women bowlers have nicknames as well. Leanna Barrette was nicknamed “Boomer” for her powerful bowling style, whereas Tammy Turner earned the nickname “The Taminator” for the way she finished off opponents. Sometimes nicknames just run in the family. Paula Carter, the wife of “Bosco” Carter, had the nickname “The Tornado in a Miniskirt.”

Bowlers often earn their nicknames during their rookie years, and the nicknames may follow them indefinitely. “The Taminator,” for example, originated in 1996, when Turner bowled for Team USA.