What Is a Bosch TS3000?

The Bosch TS3000 is a gravity-rise table saw stand designed to fit the Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw. The stand, which features pneumatic locking wheels, should also fit many other makes and models of table saws, although some other models may require drilling new mounting holes.

The TS3000 is simple to use, as the stand is collapsible, allowing for easy transportation to and from the job site. Although the stand weighs less than 40 pounds, the heavy gauge tubular steel and powder coat finish make it one of the longer lasting, more durable table saw stands on the market, according to The Table Saw Guy and numerous Amazon reviews. In addition, the 8-inch locking pneumatic wheels allow the stand to easily roll over even the roughest terrain.

Bosch’s patented gravity-rise technology makes raising and lowering the stand as simple as possible. After releasing the lever, the stand responds to the user’s touch, raising and lowering based on pressure to ensure the stand is always at the right height.

The only negative aspect of the TS3000 is that some competitive saws may not fit, due to the stand’s lack of adapter plates. If universal adapting mounting plates are required, customers would be better purchasing the TS2000, as this model comes with the necessary mounting plates.