Does Borax Work for Pest Control?

DZM/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Borax does work for pest control; its primary ingredient is boric acid, which is an effective insecticide, particularly against cockroaches, and poses few health risks to humans and pets. To control insect infestations, people set baits with Borax. These baits are placed in areas where insects appear, such as the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms; insects feed on the Borax, then die in approximately 1 to 3 weeks.

Although Borax is a relatively safe pesticide, people should still follow instructions on the label for safe preparation and application. Since boric acid is effective in small quantities, people need only to apply a thin glaze-like layer on a bait surface, taking care not to get Borax on exposed surfaces, such as counters. In addition to its insecticidal value, Borax is used as a cleaning agent, soap base and laundry detergent.