What Books Did Helen Keller Write?

Jimmy Emerson, DVM/CC-BY-2.0

Helen Keller’s published books include “The Story of My Life,” “Optimism,” “The World I Live In,” “The Song of the Stone Wall,” “Out of the Dark,” “My Religion,” “Midstream,” “My Later Life,” “Peace at Eventide,” “Helen Keller in Scotland,” “Helen Keller’s Journal,” “Let Us Have Faith,” “Teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy” and “The Open Door.” “The Story of My Life,” her autobiography, was translated into 50 languages.

Keller’s bestselling autobiography, published in 1903, tells the story of the first 22 years of her life. Keller recounts pivotal experiences, such as recognizing the connection between the feeling of water flowing over her hand and the signed word “water” itself, and realizing that all objects had names. She also details her relationships with notable figures of the time, including Oliver Wendell Holmes and Edward Everett Hale. A great portion of the book is dedicated to Keller’s relationship with Miss Sullivan, her teacher and mentor, and the process of Keller’s education.

Keller also published a number of essays, collected in both “The World I Live In” and “Optimism.” In these pieces, she offers a unique perspective on the world, informed by both her lack of hearing and vision as well as by her powerful imagination. Keller’s spiritual autobiography, “Light in My Darkness,” details her experiences with the works of Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg and how his ideas informed Keller’s own philosophy of life.