What Books Are Available for Kindle?

Nearly every kind of book that corresponds to any section in a brick and mortar bookstore is available for Kindle. On the main Kindle store page at Amazon.com, the categories of books available for Kindle include arts and photography, biographies and memoirs, crafts, foreign languages, and reference.

Most literature and fiction titles are available for Kindle, with titles exceeding 1 billion, as of 2015. Just like a physical bookstore, the Kindle store contains fiction titles in all of the related subcategories, such as science fiction, contemporary, historical, romance and quality paperbacks, or literary fiction.

Some fiction categories have their own mini store within the larger Kindle store, such as mystery, horror and a general genre fiction category. The Kindle store contains roughly 90,000 poetry titles, including books about poets and about writing. African, haiku and inspirational are some of the poetry genres available, and Shakespeare and Andrea Mitchell are some of the featured poets whose titles are available for Kindle.

Many textbooks for grades kindergarten to 12 and beyond are available for Kindle as well. A keyword search for “textbooks” in the Kindle store yields results that include textbooks by the CK-12 Foundation, Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall and Ave Maria Press. Popular literature study guides are also available for Kindle, such as Cliff Notes and BookHacker.