What Does a Bonsai Tree Represent?

A bonsai tree is representative of peace, balance and harmony. It is a representation that all things are good and correct with the world.

All trees are indicative of life and balance on Earth. They require a delicate balance of sunlight and water in order to survive. They are strong and provide the shelter that is needed. Trees are nearly always representative of some type of protection because they are strong and able to withstand many different things. They are also representative of life, as in the tree of life. They are a life source for humans and other plants, but they require their own life source and nutrition in order to continue thriving.

Bonsai trees in particular play a large role in the symbolism of life. They are in a constant balance and even displays of multiple bonsai trees are generally balanced to represent their harmony. They are also often associated with simplicity and the beauty that simple things can provide, whether in a display setting or in nature. Bonsai trees can be manipulated to form different patterns and the older a bonsai tree is, the more manipulated it will be. Bonsai trees sometimes symbolize the stages and processes of life. /p>